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Six Sigma material

Six Sigma is a scientific methodology that strives to achieve perfect quality. It is top most effective tool, and it drives the successful business.

The methodology is a combination of traditional tools with recent breakthroughs in conjunction with statistics organized in a disciplined structure. Lean Manufacturing focuses on waste reduction while Six Sigma strives to reduce waste and

  • 1. Reduce product or process variation.
  • 2. Improve performance (improve the mean).
  • 3. Improve customer satisfaction.

  • Black Belt

    Black Belts should possess a complete understanding of basic statistics and hypothesis testing. The objective is that the training will carry over into the work behavior and habits of each repatriate and the company will develop a foundation that operates within these principles.

    Black Belts are also expected to have ability to run a DOE but these frequently will involve a Master Black Belt due to risk of investment

    Black Belt certifications programs are more rigorous than the Green Belt program but less than Master Black Belt programs. Projects tend to be of higher value and complexity than a Green Belt project.

    Green Belt

    Green Belts focus on principles of variation reduction, Lean Manufacturing and have a basic understanding of statistical analysis. Their goal are both shifting the performance to a desired target and reducing the variation of a process.

    They typically support Black Belts and are not always employed as full-time Green Belts. Green Belts often have a full-time role in the company and participate in Six Sigma projects as directed.

    However, Green Belts can lead their own teams and have a Black Belt serve as a mentor. DMAIC module contains theory flowed by case studies and these sessions include group time and teaching/applying the Six Sigma.Six sigma is a structured methodology which reduces process variation and improve your business.