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ISO 45001 is an International Standard that specifies requirements for an occupational health and safety (OH&S) management system, with guidance for its use, to enable an organisation to proactively improve its OH&S performance in preventing injury and ill-health. ISO 45001 is an ISO standard for management systems of occupational health and safety (OH&S), published in March 2018. The standard is based on OHSAS 18001, conventions and guidelines of the International Labour Organization including ILO OSH 2001, and national standards.

Organizations that implement ISO 45001 have a clear management structure with defined authority and responsibility, clear objectives for improvement, with measurable results and a structured approach to risk assessment. This includes the monitoring of health and safety management failures, auditing of performance and review of policies and objectives.

Who can apply for ISO 45001:2018?

The standard is applicable to any organization that wishes to eliminate or minimize risk to employees and other stakeholders who may be exposed to OH&S risks associated with its activities.

Defined activity to ISO 45001 Certification:

  • Visit / understand client requirement.
  • Offer communication to client.
  • Offer acceptance and gap analysis.
  • Kick off meeting with detailed time plan i.e. roadmap.
  • ISO 45001:2018 awareness Training
  • Preparation of quality manual/procedure.
  • ISO 45001:2018 internal auditor certification.
  • Preparation of documented information for all departments
  • Conduct internal audit and plan for corrective and preventive action.
  • Conduct stage-I audit and stage-II audit.
  • Certification follow-up.

Benefits of ISO 45001 Certification:

  • Improving its ability to respond to regulatory compliance issues.
  • Reduce the exposure of employees and other parties to occupational health and safety risks associated with the organizations activities.
  • Greater assurance of conformance with occupational health and safety policy.